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Dragon Project is a MMORPG for Android and IOS developed by COLOPL, Inc.

Welcome to the Dragon Project Wikia! It isn't much but with continued support, this wikia can become a full sized guide for everyone!

Current Pages: Behemoths, Sylvie,



  1. Add Category Structure, make main pages such as the "Behemoths" page, continue with pages such as Enemies, Armor, Weapons, etc.
  2. Add Articles, the base of every wikia, hopefully starting with some codex type info (behemoth info, monster drops, stats, etc.)
  3. Find external guides for crafting and leveling.
  4. Delete TODOs as wiki pages fill, if instructions for editing are to be added to a new page that isn't complete, try to place "TODO: " in front to keep documentation consistent and so editors know what to get rid of and what to keep in the end. Thanks!
  5. More to be put here as ideas flow in!
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